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Beyond the Boardroom

Way back in 1999, Jack Welch, then-chief executive officer at General Electric, realized this new thing—the internet—wasn’t going away. In fact, the internet could be a game changer for businesses like his. But top leaders, mostly of the same generation as Welch, didn’t know how to enter a portal or run a search, much less have a conversation around outreach potential. Thus, the dawn of reverse mentoring. With this role-reversal strategy, the executive or leader becomes the mentee, the staff member the mentor. Leaders meet one-on-one with employees from diverse backgrounds to get their perspectives on their jobs and the company.

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The Cure for the Great Resignation: Hire Older Workers

A Yale psychology professor smashes myths on aging and the worth of older workers in her fascinating and uplifting new book, “Breaking the Age Code.” A truly fascinating, just released book by psychology professor Becca Levy of Yale University shatters many of the basic – and completely wrong – assumptions that we have been told were gospel about aging as far back as most of us can recall.

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Research: People Can Learn to Recognize Their Racial Privilege

Structural racism is a reality in the American workplace. Studies have shown that all else being equal, white employees are more likely than their non-white peers to receive callbacks for job interviews, are less likely to be blamed for poor performance, earn significantly higher wages, and advance faster. But despite this substantial body of research, many white Americans continue to deny that they may benefit from racial privilege in work settings. In fact, a 2021 survey found that nearly half of white people in the U.S. believe that they are discriminated against — not privileged — due to their race. Of course, some discomfort surrounding the idea of privilege is understandable. Being confronted with racial privilege can trigger strong feelings of defensiveness and denial, especially in workplace contexts that are assumed to be merit-driven.

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New Home Construction Starts Slow as Builders’ Confidence Shrinks

The impact of plummeting buyer interest, cancelled contracts, inflation and continuing labor shortages showed again in the National Association of Home Builders’ Housing Market Index (HMI) for July, its seventh month in decline.

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Economists Offer Differing Predictions for Quantitative Tightening

The Federal Reserve’s (Fed) schedule to reduce its balance-sheet, known as quantitative tightening (QT), is ramping up through September and possibly ending in early 2025.

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Non-Prime Lenders Report Delinquency Upticks Across Consumer Credit Products

According to American Banker, banking executives were “largely positive” about the credit health of their mostly prime borrowers, while nonbank lenders with nonprime portfolios were less enthusiastic.

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ARRC Releases Survey Seeking Information from Lenders and Borrowers on Remediation of USD LIBOR Loans

On August 9, the Alternative Reference Rates Committee (ARRC) released a survey seeking information from lenders and borrowers on plans to remediate USD LIBOR loans.

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Auto ABS Sees Unexpected Shift in Funding Costs

As Auto Finance News noted on July 29, the cost of funds in Auto ABS should be increasing, with the increasing risk of a recession, and had been through prior weeks.

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Banks See Opportunity to Attract New Customers in the Face of Adversity

Undaunted by inflation and recession risk, credit-card issuers have allocated more funds to marketing and promotional expenses, have attracted new customers and are hoping to see increases in account balances.

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New Bipartisan Congressional Caucus Increases Support for CDFIs and MDIs

On August 1, Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA) and Mike Crapo (R-D) announced the formation of a bipartisan Congressional caucus aimed at supporting Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs) and Minority Depository Institutions (MDIs), which have been receiving growing attention and significant increases in funding from the Biden Administration in the last two years.

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