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About Securitization

Learn more about how structured finance contributes to industry, consumers and the economy.

By The Numbers

Securitization keeps cash flowing through the U.S. and global financial systems – and that’s good for people, businesses, investors and the global economy.


trillion in financing
provided by securitization


auto debt funded
by securitization


residential mortgage debt
funded by securitization


credit card debt funded
by securitization


student loans funded
by securitization


of commercial real estate
debt is funded by securitization


trillion corporate borrowing
funded by securitization


Multi-family debt funded
by securitization

Securitization and the Real Economy

Securitization provides $15.6 trillion in financing and funded more than 50% of U.S. household debt last year. At the end of the day, through securitization and structured finance, more families, individuals, and businesses have access to essential credit, seamlessly and at a lower price.

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Introducing the new SFA Knowledge Hub

Empowering our industry to visualize how securitization benefits each state, explore data from the HMDA, and understand emerging market trends.

Securitization Resources

Securitization helps provide banks and other lenders with the capital needed to make loans to consumers buying homes and cars, financing student loans, businesses looking to grow, or even just using credit cards. Whether they know it or not, families and businesses rely on, and benefit from, this process.
At their core, structured finance and securitization are about increasing the flow of global capital into the U.S. economy so that attaining your next car, your house, your retirement or your children’s education is within reach. At the SFA, our mission is to make sure our industry finances responsible lending.

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