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SFA Releases Summary of Treasury Housing Finance Report

SFA has prepared a summary of the Treasury report on Housing Finance Reform, recapping the key takeaways from the report with some observations from the Senate Banking Committee hearing, and what it means for the future of housing finance.

Structured Finance Foundation Announces Leslie Sack as Executive Director

The Structured Finance Foundation, an affiliate of SFA, today announced Leslie Sack as Executive Director. Ms. Sack currently serves as SFA’s Head of Government Relations and is responsible for the management of the Structured Finance Coalition, and she will maintain both those roles.

SFA Releases Results of Membership Survey on ATR-QM Rule

The CFPB recently issued an ANPR on the Ability to Repay-Qualified Mortgage (ATR-QM) Rule, seeking feedback from stakeholders and market participants on the expiration of the GSE QM “Patch”, among other aspects of the ATR-QM rule. Based on SFA’s unique position of representing the entire securitization industry—from lenders and issuers to investors—SFA undertook a survey of its membership regarding the potential implications of the planned expiration of the QM Patch and ATR-QM rule.

SFA Issues Statement on Treasury Report on Housing Finance Reform

In response to the release of the Treasury Report, SFA CEO Michael Bright issued a statement thanking the Administration for its continued and thoughtful focus on this important challenge.

Consumer Groups, Lenders, Propose QM Definition Based Solely on Product Features

Consumer advocates and lenders are concerned about a key part of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s new “qualified mortgage” rule.

Eugene Scalia Tapped for Trump Labor Secretary Nomination

Eugene Scalia, son of the late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, has been nominated by President Trump to be Secretary of Labor. The nomination comes as no surprise, as Trump said he would nominate Scalia for the position back in July.

$1 Billion AARP Credit Card Portfolio Could be Sold by JPMorgan Chase

According to Bloomberg, JPMorgan Chase is contemplating selling its AARP credit card portfolio after nearly three decades of partnership.

Explaining the Housing Finance Overhaul and the Future of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

While there is bipartisan support for an end to Fannie and Freddie’s conservatorship, the logistics of how it would be done make Congress unlikely to act, especially in an election year.

Banking Issues to Watch with a Reconvening Congress

While certain aspects of the Volcker Rule were modified during Congress’ break, there have been few other major policy changes in the past few weeks. As Congress reconvenes, the American Banker outlines the six banking issues to watch.

Revisions to Volcker-Rule Restrictions Approved by Regulators

On Tuesday, the FDIC and the Office of the Comptroller of Currency voted to modify the Volker Rule, regulation that implements part of the 2010 Dodd-Frank Act.