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Michael Bright Featured in Financial Times Discussing the Virtues of Banks Using CLNs To Strengthen Their Balance Sheets and Increase Credit Availability

Michael Bright, Chief Executive of the Structured Finance Association, published a response on the Financial Times website countering Sheila Bair's stance on derivatives.

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Michael Bright, CEO of the Structured Finance Association, Comments about a New SEC Rule Prohibiting Conflicts of Interest in Certain Securitizations

Michael Bright, CEO of the Structured Finance Association, has issued a statement on the SEC’s finalized rule to prohibit conflicts of interest in certain securitizations.

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Michael Bright Featured in American Banker Discussing the SEC’s Proposed Rule Prohibiting Conflicts of Interest in Securitizations

On September 12, SFA CEO Michael Bright was featured in an OpEd published by American Banker, discussing the SEC’s proposed rule, aimed at prohibiting conflicts of interest in securitizations. Bright emphasizes the unintended consequences the rule could have on financial markets, if it were adopted as written.

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SEC Exempts CLOs and Securitized Assets from Final Private Funds Rule

On August 23, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) adopted a final Private Fund Advisers Rule that will significantly increase the compliance obligations of private fund managers in the form of quarterly financial statements to investors, annual audits, and restrictions on certain activities, among other provisions. In line with SFA’s advocacy (see SFA’s initial comment letter in April, 2022, and follow-up letter in June, 2022), the Commission has exempted securitized assets, including collateralized loan obligations (CLOs), from the final rule. SFA commends the Commission for its decision and for recognizing the unique features that make CLOs characteristically different from other private funds that were intended to be the focus of the rule.

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SFA Forms Task Force on Proposed Basel III Regulation

On July 27, financial regulators issued the Basel III Regulatory Capital Proposal. The proposal would impose frameworks for greater risk-based capital requirements on banking organizations with total consolidated assets of over $100 billion or more. SFA has formed a task force to respond to the regulators’ proposed rule, aiming to ensure industry concerns are fully considered prior to the release of a final rule.

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SFA CEO, Michael Bright, Interviewed on Fox 5 On the Hill

On Sunday, July 16, SFA CEO Michael Bright discussed how government inflation has eased to 3% on Fox 5 On the Hill.

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SFA Board of Directors: Nominations Now Open

Structured Finance Association (“SFA”) is now accepting nominations for its Board of Directors. Our annual director rotations will be elected at our upcoming September board meeting. SFA members may nominate themselves or another qualified industry participant from an SFA member firm.* Self-nominations are welcome.

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Structured Finance Association Welcomes Scott Frame as New Chief Economist and Head of MBS Policy

The Structured Finance Association (SFA), a leading trade association representing the structured finance and securitization industry, today announced that Dr. Scott Frame has joined the organization as Chief Economist and Head of MBS Policy. In this role, Dr. Frame will serve as SFA’s principal economist and utilize his years of expertise to provide strategic guidance that drives the association’s economic policy analysis.

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SFA CEO, Michael Bright, Interviewed on Fox Business

On Friday, April 1, SFA CEO Michael Bright discussed Brazil and China forgoing the dollar in favor of their own currencies for bilateral trade on Fox Business.

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SFA’s Research Corner: U.S. Credit Card ABS Tacking Into Headwinds Stays the Course for Now

SFA’s Research Corner considers credit card ABS which, unlike other asset classes, are tied to the prime rate and are particularly sensitive to the Fed’s rate hikes. Credit card debt is nearing a record $1 trillion, up 15% year-over-year. Younger borrowers are mounting debt at nearly twice that rate and also pushing into delinquency at twice the rate for all age groups.

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