About Us

We’re dedicated to helping the economy grow by safely enabling greater credit access to industry, consumers and investors.

Our Purpose

The Structured Finance Association’s purpose is to help its members and public policymakers grow credit availability and the real economy in a responsible manner.

Core Values

  • Help grow the real economy and improve the lives of individuals, families, businesses, and communities across the nation.
  • Help make credit more affordable and available to people who need it to finance some of life’s biggest goals: education, car purchases, starting a business, or buying a home.
  • Safeguard essential protections for consumers and the financial system.
  • Facilitate valuable dialogue among the financial services market, its practitioners, policymakers and the broader public.
  • Recognize that all finance entails risk, but it should not involve recklessness.

Our Mission

The Structured Finance Association was established with the core mission of supporting a robust and liquid securitization market, recognizing that securitization is an essential source of core funding for the real economy. Under this mission, we are dedicated to:

  1. Educating members, legislators, regulators, and other constituencies about structured finance, securitization and related capital markets,
  2. Building the Broadest Possible Consensus among members on policy, legal, regulatory and other matters affecting or potentially affecting the industry
  3. Advocating with respect to policy, legal, regulatory and other matters affecting or potentially affecting the industry, and
  4. Core Principles of Governance, Financial Transparency, Inclusion and respectful accommodation of divergent member views.