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About SFA Membership

Representing the full spectrum of industry participant groups across the structured finance market, the Structured Finance Association’s membership continues to grow in both numbers and diversity.

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The Future of SFA

More than 370 participants in the structured finance market – ranging from investors and issuers to law firms and servicers – turn to the Structured Finance Association for its comprehensive resources, networking opportunities, and industry insights. Members are able to share their perspectives with policymakers to build consensus on the biggest issues facing the securitized marketplace.

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Membership Categories & Dues

Membership of the Structured Finance Association is open to all participants of the structured finance market. Membership is broken into two categories: Primary/Institutional Members and Individual Members. For more information on membership, email


Our Institutional Membership categories and dues are tailored to the meet the breadth and varying sizes of our Member institutions. Institutional Membership is corporate-based with all employees receiving the benefits of membership, including:

  • Access to some of the top industry bodies in the structured finance market
  • Eligibility to join our industry committees and task forces
  • Member-only calls on timely and topical issues
  • Complimentary entry to select industry symposiums and member briefings
  • Discounted membership rates to our annual Vegas conference and all other sponsored conferences

We assign dues according to the most relevant and comprehensive membership category of the institution, based on its market function and size. As such, any one institution that participates in multiple categories of the industry will be charged dues based upon the most relevant and most comprehensive category. Our membership dues are based upon a calendar year. For new members who join after the first quarter of the year, your first year’s membership dues will be pro-rata based on your join date. No membership dues will be refunded if membership is terminated or the member resigns prior to year-end. Compliance with the Tax Reform Act of 1993 requires that the portion of membership dues attributable to lobbying and political activities at the State and Federal levels of government be considered nondeductible for income tax purposes. We will disclose this nondeductible portion to members on their annual dues invoice each year.


We also welcome individuals as potential members. Our Individual category is intended for individuals who are currently displaced, retired, non-students, or have stepped away from the industry. If the individual is employed at a firm, the company would need to join as an institutional member to gain access. All Individual Membership is non-voting and non-advocacy.

CEO Michael Bright on SFA’s Consensus Model in Fox5 Interview

Join Us

Representing the full spectrum of industry participant groups across the structured finance market, the Structured Finance Association provides a unique and compelling value proposition – allowing us to develop industry-wide solutions, to provide policymakers with the full perspective of the industry and to present legislators and regulators with the holistic consequences of matters impacting the securitization market.

SFA member benefits

Member Benefits

Some of the benefits of joining SFA include:

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Gain Access

Affords access to policymakers and building industry solutions

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Promote Causes

Promotes an extensive, in-depth policy and advocacy agenda

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Express Views

Views of ALL constituencies expressed – not only consensus views

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Active Members

Facilitates active engagement of investor membership

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Industry Events

Provides top-notch member-driven conferences and symposia

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Committees & Task Forces

Through our committees and task forces, Members exchange ideas, build consensus, and develop holistic solutions based on balance industry views. Our structure ensures we convene all parties – both those involved with the creation of a fixed-income security and those who invest in them. When the Structured Finance Association takes a position, we have a broad range of perspectives incorporated into our view. Since we represent all participants in a transaction, long-term financial stability – in the structured finance markets – is a core principle of ours.

Membership FAQ’s

Get answers to our most frequently asked questions.

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Ready to Join the SFA Membership?

As an industry-owned trade association, we’re strongest when we work together. Make sure your professional voice is heard by joining us.