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Investor Committee

A forum for the investor community to discuss a wide range of matters affecting the structured finance market.

Investor Committee Overview


The Investor Committee of the Structured Finance Association works collaboratively on the biggest issues and trends in structured finance, such as ESG disclosure initiatives, EU securitization regulations, and evolving ERISA rules and regulations from the perspective of the buyers of debt securities. This committee’s diverse membership and leadership, coupled with SFA’s consensus-driven approach, allows this body to speak for the broader investor community in the structured finance market.


In August of 2022, Fannie Mae proposed a methodology to score their single-family MBS pools using Social data and metrics. In October 2022, both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac announced that they would align their disclosure practices around the Social…
The Structured Finance Association (“SFA”) appreciates the opportunity to respond to the proposed revision (the “Proposal”) to the Securitization Safe Harbor Rule (the “Rule”) released by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (the “FDIC”) on August 22, 2019.
Amici Curiae, the Bank Policy Institute (“BPI”) and the Structured Finance Association (“SFA”), by their counsel Sullivan & Cromwell LLP and Mayer Brown LLP, respectfully move this Court for leave to file a brief in support of Defendants’ Motion to…
SFA’s Investor Committee drafted a criteria for a new Bondholder Communication platform to address operational, legal, and regulatory issues of the current communication framework.
The Structured Finance Industry Group (“SFIG”) respectfully requests that the Treasury Department and the Internal Revenue Service remove a current source of market uncertainty by issuing guidance that will relieve the many issuers and holders of outstanding debt instruments, especially…
The Structured Finance Industry Group (“SFIG”)1 appreciates the opportunity to respond to the U.S. Dollar ICE Bank Yield Index (“BYI”) preliminary methodology (the “Consultation”) released by the ICE Benchmark Administration (“IBA”) in January 2019.
The LIBOR TaskForceseeks to establish industry consensus and provide recommendations around one or multiple accepted approaches. It is important to stress that a “one-size-fits-all” set of recommendations may not be appropriate for many reasons
The Structured Finance Industry Group (“SFIG”)1 appreciates the opportunity to respond to the International Swaps and Derivatives Association, Inc. (“ISDA”) Consultation (“Consultation”) on Certain Aspects of Fallbacks for Derivatives Referencing GBP LIBOR, CHF LIBOR, JPY LIBOR, TIBOR, Euroyen TIBOR, and…
The SFIG Marketplace Lending Committee’s Best Practices effort is an initiative of the Structured Finance Industry Group (“SFIG”1), established with the primary goal of supporting the responsible growth of securitization in the marketplace lending sector.