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Uplift social equity: driving inclusive and equitable experiences

Published on July 13, 2023

Uplift social equity driving inclusive and equitable experiences

How can a story uplift social equity?

Based on our backgrounds and identities, we’re all part of different social groups. These groups we find ourselves in can mean deep-rooted advantage or disadvantage, in terms of access to resources and opportunities — and gaps in how we’re perceived and evaluated.

At EY, we’ve produced a series of short films featuring colleagues around the world, spotlighting different experiences to help us better connect and understand each other. It’s one step forward in our journey to create positive change, through greater awareness. We’ve sparked deeper conversations and inspired further learning and action — both personally through our interactions, and structurally through the systems and processes that we build and influence.

Now, we’re hoping these stories will inspire positive change outside the EY organization.

Each story is unique, yet shares messages of feeling different or like an outsider — which may feel familiar to all of us. For some, these experiences are repeated over time and across situations because of our background or some aspect of our identity. This can impact a sense of safety, belonging, confidence and access to resources and opportunities — presenting a journey full of hurdles.

Meet our EY colleagues courageously sharing their stories to build awareness and inspire change.

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