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SFA Publishes ESG Survey Results

article by Structured Finance Association

SFA has published the results of our market-wide Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Industry Engagement survey. We surveyed structured finance market participants to assess the extent that environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles are incorporated, or being considered to be incorporated, within the structured finance market both at the Enterprise level and at the Structured Finance Business Unit level.  Our results provide insight into the levels and range of ESG engagement as well as the various approaches that issuers and investors take in executing their ESG strategies.

Key Takeaways from SFA’s report:

  • A vast majority of securitization market participants (86%) reported they have ESG programs in place at the Enterprise level;
  • Nearly half (47%) of structured finance market participants report an ESG program in place at the Structured Finance level;
  • 81% of securitization issuer respondents currently incorporate ESG in their overall business operations – and 73% within their asset origination and underwriting practices; and,
  • While currently only 13% of the issuer respondents sponsor an ESG-focused securitization program, 43% indicated they are developing one.

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