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American Mothers Re-Enter the Workforce at High Rates

Anne Louis quit her job in 2019 shortly after the birth of her son, who is autistic and has a tracheotomy, to give herself more time to co-ordinate his medical care. But after the Covid-19 crisis raised consumer prices as well as the prevalence of flexible working arrangements, Louis decided to go back to work.

WiS Diamond Workshop With Joanna Bloor

Women in Securitization (WiS) is delighted to invite you to join Potentialist and Career Futurist Joanna Bloor as she guides you to a career future designed just for you. As Joanna says, “Every decision made about you and your opportunities is made in a room you’re not in – and what they’re saying is what you’ve taught them. Are you making it easy for people to opt into you?”

WiS Fall Workshop – The Most Powerful You

SFA’s Women in Securitization (WiS) invites you to join us for a transformative workshop on Tuesday, September 12 in New York, NY. This workshop, entitled The Most Powerful You: How to Recognize and Close Your Power Gaps and Rise to Your Highest Potential, will be led by Kathy Caprino, Career and Leadership Coach.

JA Entrepreneurship Summit

The JA Entrepreneurship Summit is an intensive “startup boot camp” where high school students are challenged to design ready-to-launch, socially conscious businesses. The experience culminates in a pitch presentation to a panel of esteemed business leaders.

Global Gender Gap Report 2023

Recent years have been marked by major setbacks for gender parity globally, with previous progress disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on women and girls in education and the workforce, followed by economic and geopolitical crises. Today, some parts of the world are seeing partial recoveries while others are experiencing deteriorations as new crises unfold.

Female Leaders Not Likely to Recommend Their Own Company

The barriers to advancement that women face in the workplace have been well-documented. However, a new report by Linkage, a women's leadership development firm acquired by SHRM, revealed that many organizations aren't listening to or addressing these challenges fast enough, leaving women feeling dissatisfied with their companies. The findings, collected…

New Research Reveals the 30 Critiques Holding Women Back From Leadership that Most Men Will Never Hear

A recent study of the 33 biggest multilateral institutions found that of 382 leaders in their history, only 47 have been women. And the percentage of women running Fortune 500 companies has only just recently crested a meager 10%. As researchers, we wondered why institutions consistently fail to promote women…

Sallie Krawcheck’s Advice for Women Investing at Any Age: ‘Don’t Be Defeated’

There’s an insidious trick played by our society, and Wall Street pioneer Ellevest CEO Sallie Krawcheck is determined to expose it. “They make us believe that it’s cute and fun and flirty to be bad with money,” she says. “If we think we’re not good at math, we think we’re…

How to Root Out Workplace Toxicity for Women

It may be Women’s History Month, but women are not feeling the appreciation — at least not in the workplace. According to mid-March findings released by MIT Sloan Management Review, women are 41% more likely than men to experience a toxic workplace culture. Analyzing millions of Glassdoor reviews, researchers Charlie…

SFCanada WiS Luncheon – “Celebrating Women Who Tell Our Stories”

SFA's Women in Securitization (WiS) is thrilled to return in-person to Toronto at the SFCanada 2023 conference on Wednesday, May 24. Join us for lunch during the conference as our panel of leaders share their stories of building careers in the industry. Our panelists will not only draw from their own personal stories, but also will recognize other leaders who have been instrumental in their own careers.