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Michael Bright Featured in American Banker Discussing the SEC’s Proposed Rule Prohibiting Conflicts of Interest in Securitizations

On September 12, SFA CEO Michael Bright was featured in an OpEd published by American Banker, discussing the SEC’s proposed rule, aimed at prohibiting conflicts of interest in securitizations. Bright emphasizes the unintended consequences the rule could have on financial markets, if it were adopted as written.

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Structured Finance Association Urges the SEC to Balance Approach to Proposed Rule on Conflict of Interest

The Structured Finance Association (SFA) has sent a letter to the Securities and Exchange Commission urging the need to protect investors while maintaining the strengths of our financial markets when the Commission considers its re-proposed rule on the Prohibition Against Conflicts of Interests in Certain Securitizations.

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SFA Applauds FHFA’s Reduction of UMBS Fee

The Structured Finance Association (SFA) applauded the decision today by the Federal Housing Finance Agency to lower the previously announced UMBS Fee from 50 basis points to 9.375 basis points, a reduction of more than 80 percent. The FHFA said the reduced fee will go into effect April 1.

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Structured Finance Association Supports the Fed LIBOR Proposal with Some Remaining Clarifications Needed

SFA submitted a letter to the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System (Fed) in response to the Fed’s proposed regulation to implement the Adjustable Interest Rate (LIBOR) Act. SFA applauds the Fed’s comprehensive proposal and is strongly supportive of the proposal, with a few imperative remaining clarifications that should be addressed so that consumer and investor contracts transition as seamlessly as Congress intended.

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Structured Finance Association Provides Recommendations on ABS Climate Disclosures in Letter to SEC

The Structured Finance Association (SFA) submitted a letter to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in response to the SEC’s proposed rule “The Enhancement and Standardization of Climate-Related Disclosures for Investors” (the “Proposed Rule”).

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Structured Finance Association Statement on New Basis Point Guarantee on UMBS Collateral

The Structured Finance Association (SFA) is gathering market feedback on the new upfront 50 basis point cross-collateral guarantee on Uniform Mortgage-Backed Securities (UMBS) underlying certain TBA securities that was announced by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

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Structured Finance Association Statement on Confirmation of Sandra Thompson to Lead FHFA

The Structured Finance Association (SFA) released the following statement after the U.S. Senate confirmed Sandra Thompson to lead the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) by a vote of 49 to 46.

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Structured Finance Foundation Honors UDC Scholarship Recipients

The Structured Finance Foundation, an affiliate of the Structured Finance Association (SFA), on Friday, May 13, 2022 honored recipients of a scholarship it established at the University of the District of Columbia (UDC) for students pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree in finance, accounting, or economics in the School of Business and Public Administration. The scholarship was established in 2020 with a gift of $80,000. Manda Burnham and Hansi Lara Cruz were both awarded a $10,000 scholarship at a ceremony on campus.

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SFA Urges S&P Global to Address Fatal Flaws in Their Proposed Changes to Insurer Ratings Criteria

The Structured Finance Association (SFA) responded to S&P’s recently proposed changes to their insurer risk-based capital adequacy methodology and assumptions. If implemented as proposed, the changes would greatly impact the credit quality assessments of investments rated solely by the other rating agencies as well as those that are unrated, creating far reaching impact in the market by embedding inefficiencies in the allocation of insurance company capital in financial markets.

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Structured Finance Association Applauds Inclusion of LIBOR Language in ‘Omnibus’ Government Funding Bill

The Structured Finance Association (SFA) applauded inclusion of language in the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2022 – also known as the “omnibus” government funding bill – that would ease the transition away from the London Inter-Bank Offered Rate (LIBOR), which is the benchmark index currently used to determine the interest rate that investors receive on floating-rate bonds and consumers and businesses pay on some loans.

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