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Bipartisan lawmakers urge Federal Reserve to expand TALF

On April 1, a bipartisan group of lawmakers from the House Committee on Financial Services sent a joint letter to Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell urging the Fed to expand the initial Term Asset-Backed Securities Loan Facility (TALF) to include investment-grade securities backed by unsecured consumer loans as eligible collateral.

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Fed estimates that coronavirus could cause 47 million lost jobs and a 32 percent unemployment rate

While coronavirus has already impacted the employment status of millions of Americans, the Fed’s St. Louis district is projecting that the numbers could get much worse – to the tune of 47 million jobs lost, which would translate to a 32.1 percent employment rate.

Online Lenders find possible relief in small business loan program

The $2 trillion relief plan passed by the federal government sets aside $350 billion of loan guarantees for small businesses that may apply to marketplace lenders.

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As record-breaking stimulus package is signed, lawmakers look to continue

After three stimulus packages, the most recent of which an estimated $2 trillion, Congress shows no signs of stopping. Legislators of both parties are already putting together a fourth stimulus package.

Without Fed intervention, the mortgage finance system could collapse

With the coming wave of missed payments from borrowers impacted by the coronavirus, the U.S. mortgage finance system could experience a massive downturn.

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SFA submits letter to the SEC calling for CECL delay

SFA submitted a letter on Wednesday, March 25, to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) requesting a delay in implementing new Current Expected Credit Losses (CECL) accounting standards.

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Fed releases significant extension of market intervention

The Fed has continually pulled out all stops in an effort to aid the U.S. economy. On Monday, the Fed unveiled a new generation of lending facilities to prevent a liquidity crunch from turning into a solvency crisis for American businesses.

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Mortgage bond sales flood market, igniting calls for government intervention

The credit markets faced a deepening crisis on Monday, as several funds who own mortgage bonds sought to sell billions of dollars in assets. Amid the crisis, SFA asked government leaders to step in, in a letter to the Fed.

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SFA Calls on the Fed and Treasury to Support Consumers

SFA submitted a letter last Sunday, March 22, to the Federal Reserve and the Department of the Treasury calling on the two agencies to support measures that would provide immediate funding and liquidity assistance to businesses, consumers, and markets impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak.

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SFA Welcomes Jennifer Earyes as new Head of Policy

We are proud to announce that Jennifer Earyes has joined the SFA team as the new Head of Policy.