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The Decline of Downsizing Reshapes Housing Market

The Wall Street Journal reports that most Americans aged 60 and older are not planning to move from their current homes.

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Fed Chair Powell Confirms ‘Higher for Longer’ as Strong Inflation Data Persists

Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell suggested on Tuesday that strong first-quarter inflation figures have prompted uncertainty regarding potential interest rate cuts beginning this summer.

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Mission Index—Fannie Mae Hopes to Draw New MBS Investors to Void Left by Fed and Banks

In March Fannie Mae introduced its first mortgage-backed securities (MBS) featuring Mission Index scores.

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Investors’ Risk Reward—Spreads Still Elevated on Mortgage-Backed Securities

With mortgage rates expected to drop later this year, challenges in the mortgage-backed securities market could limit benefits for homebuyers.

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Increased Prepayments in Mortgage-Backed Securities Draw Cautionary Notice from Ginnie Mae

Ginnie Mae issued a public notice to their issuer partners cautioning about elevated prepayments in certain mortgage-backed securities (MBS) programs and warning of potential consequences for violations.

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Financing for Digital Infrastructure—Fiber Securitizations May Top $5bn in 2024

A newcomer to the asset-backed securities (ABS) market, fiber securitizations are gaining momentum with issuance possibly as high as $5 billion in 2024.

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Upsizing of Recent Floorplan ABS Issuance Speaks to Investor Demand

According to a March 28th Asset-Backed Alert, three recent Floorplan ABS offerings have increased in size before issuance.

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Annual Insurers’ Survey Shows Private Credit as Managers’ Top Choice

Goldman Sach Asset Management (GSAM) released their annual survey in which they polled 359 insurance company executives, ranking their expectations for returns on various asset classes.

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U.S. Auto Sales Growth Fueled by Hybrids and Price Relief

The Wall Street Journal reports that first quarter sales for the U.S. auto industry are higher year-over-year.

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Private Credit Loans Increasingly Trading in the Secondary Market

The expansion of the private credit market has spurred a rise in trading activity for loans approaching maturity, prompting the emergence of a "semi-active secondary market," as highlighted by The Financial Times.

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