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Home Sale Price-to-Income Ratio Highest on Record

Harvard University’s Joint Center for Housing Studies released a report that puts the median single-family home sales price at 5.6 times higher than median household incomes.

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GSEs Release New ‘Mission Index’ for Single Family MBS

Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and the FHFA have finalized updates to their existing social bond frameworks, renaming them the Mission Index to offer investors ‘greater insight into mission-oriented lending activities’ within their mortgage-backed securities.

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Fannie Mae Expands Alternatives to Title Insurance

In a move that is intended to lower borrowing costs for homeowners, Fannie Mae plans to expand the acceptance of attorney-opinion letters as an alternative to title insurance.

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Fannie Mae Publishes Survey Results on Consumer Home Price Sentiment

According to a recent Fannie Mae Home Price Sentiment Index survey released on January 8, consumer optimism increased 2.9 points in December to 67.2, illustrating consumers’ confidence for homebuying.

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Office Spaces Face Highest Vacancies Since the 1990s

19.6% of the office space in major U.S. cities was vacant in Q4 2023 according to Moody’s Analytics, an 18.8% increase year-over-year from 2022.

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2023 Mortgage Rates Slide Lower, Setting Stage for 2024

Mortgage rates finished 2023 with 9 consecutive weekly drops, setting the 30-year fixed rate at 6.61%.

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Apartment Rents Stabilize in 2023

The apartment rental market stabilized in 2023, amid a surge of new supply that curbed price hikes, offering relief to tenants.

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Mortgage Assumptions Increasing due to Higher Financing Costs

Higher interest rates and home costs have led to an increase in mortgage assumptions – whereby homebuyers undertake an existing mortgage from the seller – to lock in a lower rate.

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FHFA: GSE Conforming Loan Limit Increase to $766,550

On November 28, the FHFA announced the 2024 conforming loan limit values for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (the GSEs).

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Office Sector Lending Drops to Pre-2008 Levels

One out of every three securitized office mortgages that expired during the first nine months of 2023 was paid off by the end of September, according to Moody’s Analytics.

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