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China’s Economic Slowdown Predates the Trade War

Since posting record numbers in 2007, GDP growth has steadily declined with burgeoning debt and waning consumer confidence.

Chinese Economy Falters as Beijing Struggles to Spur Investment

Amidst ongoing trade tensions and investor skepticism, China’s economy grew at its slowest rate in decades.

Chinese Developers Turn to Securitization for Alternative Financing

As regulators restrict popular financing channels, developers tap commercial property securities and private equity funds.

Moody’s Report: Securitization Continues to Grow as a Funding Source for the Economy, with RMBS Leading the Way

Increased secondary market liquidity and a diversified investor base promise future growth for the Chinese securitization market.

S&P Report: An Overview of China’s Auto Finance Market and Auto Loan Securitization

Auto loan securitization issuance grows rapidly in China after 2009's slow start.

S&P Report: Macro and Industry Pressure Won’t Be a Significant Threat to China Securitization in 2019

Analysts expect moderate issuance growth and steady asset performance through 2019.