WiS Year-End Event 2022 – Authentic Leadership: A Conversation with Dr. Jen Welter

SFA’s Women in Securitization (WiS) is pleased to announce our annual WiS Year-End Event, taking place on December 7, 2022 in New York, NY. Our featured speaker, Dr. Jen Welter, is first-ever female NFL coach. Dr. Jen Welter helped lead the Arizona Cardinals to a Western conference division title in 2015, and became head coach for the first Australian Women’s National Football team in 2017.

Bringing over 14 years of experience to the sport, Dr. Jen Welter strives to show her audiences that authenticity is critical for leaders to succeed on-and off-the field.

Topics will include:

  • Forming a strong bond with your team and being a leader for the long term
  • The importance of being a team player
  • How authenticity is critical to effective leadership

A networking reception will follow Dr. Welter’s remarks.

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