WiS Diamond Workshop With Joanna Bloor

Women in Securitization (WiS) is delighted to invite you to join Potentialist and Career Futurist Joanna Bloor as she guides you to a career future designed just for you.

As Joanna says, “Every decision made about you and your opportunities is made in a room you’re not in – and what they’re saying is what you’ve taught them. Are you making it easy for people to opt into you?”



In this interactive session, participants will:

  • Understanding why it’s important to teach people about your potential
  • Crafting your own unique tale of potential
  • Learning how to show up with confidence and authenticity for people to value what you bring
  • Getting comfortable with how to be generously ambitious with the most important part of your life: your future

Please note this event is for Diamonds and Advocates only. If you’re interested, click here to sponsor/support, or email [email protected] for more information.

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