Resetting Expectations to Rebuild Balance

Join WiS for an interactive virtual panel continuing the discussion we began in April. This discussion will pick up where we left off, and specifically focus on the turning point the industry is experiencing after an extended period of remote work environments and the approaching re-entry to the in-person office.


Hear our panelists share their perspective on what intentional acts we can take at this pivotal moment in the industry and seize this opportunity to reset expectations to allow both men and women share more equally in the option of a balanced life. We will also explore the weight – and rewards – of traditionally unpaid responsibilities in the workplace, such as mentoring and training, and how the blending of boundaries between work and home the past 18 months has challenged perspectives on how those obligations should be shouldered.

Opening remarks:

  • Doug Murray, Global Business Head, Structured Finance, Fitch Ratings 


  • Noelle Sproul, Managing Director and Associate General Counsel, Nuveen


  • Charles Calloway, Partner, Chapman and Cutler
  • Jen Doyle, Managing Director, Head of Spread, Wells Fargo
  • Christabel James, Director, RiskSpan
  • Billy Wong, Managing Director, J.P. Morgan
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